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Here at Calming Touch we aim to be a resource for anyone interested in Aromatherapy or Reflexology.

If you know a little about Aromatherapy but are unsure as to whether some oils should on occasions be avoided, during for instance pregnancy, then review the "History and Cautions" option from the menu. The oils are listed in alphabetical order and there you will find a brief description of them together with any condition that may be aggravated if they are used. Essential Oils have many uses, they can be utilised as a compress, in a bath, as a massage oil or in an oil burner or aromastone. So, if you suffer from arthritis, muscular aches, migraines or skin complaints such as acne or eczema the right essential oil CAN ease your symptoms. Common ailments are listed alphabetically in the Physical and Psychological Conditions sections shown in the menu.

If you're just curious to find out more about me, or reflexology, aromatherapy or reiki in general, here's a good place to start.

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