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History and Cautions

Oil Not to be used for
Tea Tree - this Essential Oil has a strong medicinal smell. It has many qualities being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal whilst also being a powerful immune system stimulant. Babies or infants under 7 years.
Thyme - is distilled from the flowers. A few drops may be used in a bowl of water to relieve nasal congestion. This Essential Oil is best administered by a qualified Aromatherapist. Babies, infants, children under 12 years, during pregnancy or those with sensitive skin.
Vetiver - an earthy wood aroma this oil is known as the oil of tranquility. May help restore peace of mind in stressful times. Babies, infants and children under 12 years.
Ylang Ylang - Ylang Ylang means flowers of flowers. Its exotic fragrance is warming and helpful for instilling confidence. Babies, infants and children under 12 years.