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History and Cautions

Oil Not to be used for
Orange - a warm cheering oil. Good for those suffering from a lack of energy or depression. Babies
Patchouli - widely used in Indian traditional medicine, Patchouli has a musky sweet fragrance which is very persistent. Because of this it is often used as a base for perfumes. Used extensively during the "Hippy" period in the sixties. It is useful for healing cracked skin and weeping sores. Babies and infants under 7 years.
Peppermint - is widely used in confectionary and medicines. Best known as a remedy for digestive upsets. It makes a good substitute for asprin. Also effective against ringworm and scabies. Excellent too for tired feet in a foot bath. Babies and infants under 7 years.
Petitgrain - the common name "Petitgrain" is used as a general term for oils distilled from the leaves of the citrus tree. Petitgrain mainly comes from the Bitter Orange. Babies and infants under 7 years.
Pine - this is obtained from the pine needles. A good inhalant and invigorating in the bath. Babies, infants and children under 12 years.
Rose - considered to be the Queen of the flowers. It is an excellent oil for purification on both physical and emotional levels. Useful for all skincare particularly mature skin. Babies and infants under 7 years.
Rosemary - a penetrating and stimulating oil with many uses. A good oil for its stimulating effect on both mental and physical levels. Babies, infants under 7 years or during pregnancy.
Rosewood - Babies and infants under 7 years.
Sage - the Latin name for Sage comes from the word salvation. It was considered instrumental in the prevention of illness. Use in SMALL quantities. This Essential Oil is best administered by a qualified Aromatherapist. Babies, infants, children under 12 years, during pregnancy or those with sensitive skin.
Sandalwood - from Mysore in India the fragrance is woody and sweet. It is useful for the skin and especially in the throat area - traditionally associated with self-expression. Babies, infants and children under 12 years.