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History and Cautions

Oil Not to be used for
Eucalyptus - one of the tallest tress in the world, the whole tree exudes an aromatic odour imparting a healthy atmosphere to the regions where it is grown. Widely used as a chest rub and inhalant it contains powerful antiseptic properties. Babies or if being treated with Homeopathic medicines.
Fennel - cultivated by the Romans the herb is traditionally used in cooking to combat obesity. It was said to convey strength, courage and longevity Babies, infants under 7 years, during pregnancy or those with sensitive skin
Frankincense - also called Olibanum it is extracted from the gum of a small North African tree. It has a warm spicy scent. It has been prized for many centuries and is a helpful aid to meditation. Babies and infants under 7 years.
Geranium - also known as Rose Geranium, the oil is pale green in colour and comes from Madagascar. The scent is floral, fresh and sweet. It is useful for most skin conditions and has a stimulating affect on the Lymphatic system. It blends well with most other Essential Oils. It tends to balance extremes whether on a physical or emotional level. Babies
Ginger - produced from the root by steam distillation. It should be used in SMALL amounts at all times. Babies, infants, children under 12 years or those with sensitive skin.
Grapefruit - has a lovely tangy uplifting aroma. Helpful for ditherers and for those who find it easier to stay with the old rather than follow the new. Babies and infants under 7 years.
Hyssop - has the ability to stabilise a condition when used in small amounts. This Essential Oil is best administered by a qualified Aromatherapist. Babies, infants, children under 12 years, during pregnancy or if Epileptic.