Sorry for the break in transmission during Aug-Dec 2001. The previous 7 months are still available for you to enjoy, just click the links below.

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Welcome back! I have a little more time on my hands now and hope to restart the diary pages. I hope you will continue to enjoy the antics of Buster, Thomas and Georgie and their friends!

May 2007

Just as busy so once again the diary got shoved to one side! Sorry.

Very sorry to report I lost Thomas in March, he contracted pneumonia, he would have been 14 years old this year, I feel a little cheated as I had only had him with me for 7 years. I try and remember that he had a very happy 7 years, well pampered and loved but it is not that easy.

Buster however has found a new lease of life. Having stopped coming upstairs which I put down to his ill health and age (19 years), he decided on the first night without Thomas that there was NO WAY he was going to sleep in the kitchen. For 5 weeks both he and Georgie slept on my bed, they are now back in the kitchen. Buster has also caught himself a Blackbird (escaped unharmed) two of the said birds were having a scrap right outside the open front door, Buster sat inside for a while watching and then ran out raised his right paw and knocked one of them towards him, he caught in his mouth and let go when I yelled!

Moles are back too! Another story, not sure what to do about them.

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