Thomas appeared in March 2000. Another undoctored Tomcat, this time your original Ginger Tom. Very thin and, like Buster eager to be accepted but very unsure of himself, the other cats and me.

Thomas has arrived for breakfast and supper every day since March 2000 and started to allow me to stroke him and pick him up in about September. He and Buster do not get along at the moment but I think this is due to Thomas having been a full Tom until very recently, He is a very friendly cat, a little nervy but settling in well. He has identified areas around the house as "his", the 3rd stair up from the bottom and the sofa being his absolute favourites. He is becoming very possessive of me at the moment, whether this is due to him being worried that he may find himself without a home again I don't know, however, it is causing a few problems. He follows me everywhere and is very jealous of any attention I give the other cats, he quite obviously doesn't like to "share". It maybe that if this continues I will have to find him another home where he is the only one and as such can be given undivided attention. It will upset me if it does come to that but I will ensure he goes to a good home and I know in the right situation he will give a great deal of love and affection.

So, good news about the relationship with Buster and a step in the wrong direction with Georgie, we'll work on it, somehow I don't think Thomas is going anywhere. He is still following me around the house but when I am working on the PC he tends to have a quick cuddle on my lap and then stretches out either in the office or just outside the door, (which is where he is now).

March 27 2007 and Thomas has passed away. He had fluid in and around the lungs, so much so, that his heart had been moved out of place. He spent a very happy last day in the shop I own and was fussed over and pampered by all the customers, his last hour was spent basking in sunshine in the warmth of a conservatory, he will be greatly missed. He and Buster never became firm friends but within the last year they have slept side by side and Buster has enjoyed being groomed by Thomas. Buster has cataracts which impair his sight and I think he found the grooming comforting. The first night after Thomas left us Buster would not stay in the kitchen (normal sleep area) and howled until I allowed him to come upstairs, needed the company I think.

R.I.P Thomas

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