Lester came from friends who gave me the choice of the litter of 3 kittens. 2 females both totally black and1 male all black with a splodge of white under his chin. I chose Lester simply because Lady was all black.

I got Lester on Derby Day in 1983 and vowed to name him after the winner of the main race, however I could not bring myself to stand at the back door in the evening calling "Tinoso" so he was named instead after the winning jockey, Lester Piggott. Lady took immediate exception to Lester, jumping on him from behind and trying to bite his neck, not the sort of behaviour you would expect from a "lady". At 10 weeks Lester developed a sniffly cold and hacking cough and was very sickly. Cat Flu the Vet told me, no treatment, we just had to wait and see if he pulled through. Very unfair considering he hadn't been out, the only other cat he had been in contact with was Lady who was vaccinated and he was due for his own vaccination the next week. Despite it being summer, I left the heating on and whilst at work ensured the radio was blaring to fool poor Lester into thinking he wasn't on his own. At night he slept on my bed and allowed me to rub "Vick" under his chin to help him breathe. He looked so vulnerable breathing through his mouth, this little scrap of nothing. He pulled through and lived a long and happy life until 7 May 2000. Is there anything else for me? Can I open the one for Runcie? Christmas is going to be a little sad this year. Lester loved Christmas. He enjoyed rummaging around under the Christmas tree looking for "his" present. He made sure he opened his, and any others he could slide his paw through. All the cats have a Christmas dinner, probaly not exactly a balanced meal but they all enjoy it. Usually it consisted of prawn and crab to start, followed by turkey, bacon, sausage, giblets mashed up with a little potato and lashings of giblet gravy. The afternoon was then spent (as with most of us) sleeping it off until supper which is usually fish.

R.I.P Lester

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