I wish I could still fit in this

Georgie was my last cat to order! I chose her in August 1997. It was not my intention to have another cat but, a colleague had 4 kittens that required homes. She decided to keep 1 and I persauded my brother to have 2.

No-one it seemed wanted the runt. Reluctantly (so I told everyone) I said I would have the last one if she was still there when we collected the 2 for my brother. Now whether by design or bad luck this little squit was still available. A tortoiseshell female with ears almost as big as her, on first sight, what you would call an ugly kitten, if there is such a thing. She was also very nervous and hid behind her 2 brothers for the duration of the weekend until they went off to Kent. Slowly I introduced her to the other 4 cats; she got on with all of them (eventually). Then, overnight she exploded from a smooth haired, big eared excuse into a long haired beauty. I always said I would never have a long haired cat and I think she must have known this and kept her tresses under wraps until she was sure I was going to keep her. I just know I can catch that mouse, I just have to find where it goes

When she was first with me she had a very unhealthy love of television. Her favourite programmes being Tom and Jerry, which I can understand and football, which I can't. However, she seems to have got this out of her system and now pursues more healthy past-times outside. She arrives home having spent the best part of the day in long grass and is generally covered in grass seeds during the summer and wet leaves and twigs during the winter.

Georgie is a terrible flirt and uses her femine wiles to perfection. Being the youngest helps her as well, when food is put down she wraps herself around the cat at the bowl that has, what she thinks is the tastier food and head butts them out of the way, they tend to be sympathetic to the baby and move to another bowl. What she hasn't grasped yet is that all the bowls contain the same food.

5 weeks until Christmas 2000 and Buster and Thomas are making friends which is more than I can say for Georgie. She has taken an obvious exception to the fact she is no longer the newest arrival and is making her feelings very well known. She may be a very vocal and brave cat at home but, take this morning when she had her annual visit to the vet for her vaccinations, she turned into a real softy allowing herself to go completly limp in the hands of the vet and then started to tremble, she made up for it later by taking a well aimed swipe at Thomas when she got home.I do fit!
R.I.P Georgie

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