November 2005

We have had friends to stay, well, I will correct that, I have a friend to stay, he brought with him his 2 dogs cos, "there is no-one to look after them!". So, 2 adults, 2 large dogs and 3 cats in 1 very small Norfolk cottage! Hmmmm.

I had a plan, cats to stay upstairs, using the bedroom window that opens onto the flat roof above the kitchen to get out and about, dogs to stay downstairs and, not to be let ou into the garden without supervision in case cat out here. Catflap would be locked at blocked off, it has a perspex window and I didn't want a fight going on through the window of the flap.

The "guests" arrived, now, I said 2 dogs, what I failed to say were that 1 was an elderly female Red Setter named Kelly, quite laidback, very docile. The other? Well, a Utonagan, a wolfish looking breed and VERY large, well, for my house anyway AND he is only just over 1 year old! So, very much full of bounce! They are here for 3 days and 2 nights!

This is Kelly doing what she evidently does best - sleeping! She did wake up for a short walk around the fields to the back of my house, we are very lucky here in that there are lots of designated footpaths leading across fields which are quite safe for dogs, within walking distance, no having to get the car out to go for a walk!

Here we have Skye, he may look asleep but I suspect he is just waiting for either the word "walk" or "food" to be mentioned. Loves his walks.

We took them to a nearby beach, not been to the sea before. Both dogs were kept on their leads until we were on the beach, which was deserted, almost, I let Kelly off but, as there was 1 other person coming towards us Skye was to be kept on his until they had passed due to his being over friendly at times! Kelly started to tease, bounced up and down in front of him staying just out of reach, "look at me, I'm off the lead, you're not", just like a couple of kids, as soon as Skye was let off he chased Kelly up and down the sand. Neither was brave enought to enter the sea, sensible given the month. Once it started to hail and sleet, we called it a day and retired to the pub at the end of my road. Both dogs accepted into the pub without question and both very well behaved.

Back at home, the heating was on and all 4 of us downstairs went to sleep, the humans with the addtional assistance of a good bottle of red wine. Upstairs 3 cats were also sound asleep, best thing to do on a sleety cold November afternoon.

Although both Skye and Kelly were quite happy to be around me they were not impressed when "Dad", Paul went to get the car when it was time for them to go home. He packed the car up whilst they waited patiently inside, they never left their guard position by the front door.

Time to go home then, one more picture for the album!

I can't say Buster, Thomas and Georgie were too sad to see them all go, til next time!

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